A society where all children and young persons with disabilities realize their full potential and live productive lives

Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services is a disability focused NGO that provides holistic rehabilitation services to children and young persons with disabilities. We provide quality medical care, social economic support and fabricate orthopedic appliances. We do this through centre and community based rehabilitation, rights based programming and working with families, communities, civil society, development partners and government.

Contribute to the full realisation of rights of Girls, boys and young people living with disability through promoting equitable access to comprehensive rehabilitative services by 2022.

Katalemwa Cheshire Home Uganda

A Children with disabilities focused NGO that provides holistic rehabilitation services Katalemwa Cheshire Home was founded in Uganda in 1970 and officially opened in 1971, with the aim of providing a family home environment to people who were incurably sick or with physical disabilities. This was significant, as at the time, institutional rehabilitation was the only option for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, Katalemwa suffered considerable setback during Idi Amin’s regime and outside support was very limited. However, the Leonard Cheshire Foundation in the UK continued to send messages of hope and support



Case story for 25 years old Katabira Joseph

25 years old Katabira joseph was diagnosed with spina bifida and operated upon immediately after birth in 1992 at Mulago referral hospital. After operation, his parents were happy thinking the condition had been wiped away but on their surprise later; it was a journey started of rehabilitation. Joseph faced many challenges including mobility, urine and stool incontinences growing up.The parents sought for medical attention from different hospitals but it was all in vain. 

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Case story for Najibu Senkindu

Najibu Senkindu is 8years now and was identified at the age of 6 years through a community outreach clinic conducted at Kibaale health center Rakai District.

He presented with a burn contracture on his right leg that he sustained when a saucepan with boiling beans poured on him.During his recovery, the leg contracted with a scar that affected his movement.

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Case story for  Nakisozi Joyce, a22 years old beneficiary.

She was abandoned by her husband after giving birth to a child with cerebral palsy called Nakowoya Hannifah aged 5 years now.Life became a nightmare full of worries to meet the high cost of rehabilitation for this child single-handedly without any form of employment.

Katalemwa intervened in this situation and this child was enrolled on our programmes where she was able to access medica; rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and assistive devicesm).

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The fate of a child with disability during the COVID-19 era

Donate to Build a day care center for children with disabilties in Masaka district

Support 100 children with disabilites to Access Assistive devices

H.E, the Ambassdor of Italy to Uganda visiting Katalemwa Cheshire home

What's Happening Now

The fate of a child with disability during the COVID-19 era

COVID-19 has been disruptive to all families, but the effects of transport disruptions, school closures, and social distancing are further amplified for families of children with disabilities.

These disruptions have immensely affected children with disabilities access to medical rehabilitation facilities for review therapies, surgeries, medication, assistive devices and psychosocial support. As rehabilitation for children with disabilities is long-term and a gradual process, reluctance, failure to continuously attend reviews may result into permanent deformities that affect a child’s functionality and participation.

According to the UNESCO website; Children with disabilities may have underlying health conditions that increase their risk of serious complications from COVID-19. In addition, with regular operations of schools and businesses coming to a halt, the inaccessibility to therapy and support for these children may exert effects that are long lasting and significant. As such, it becomes equally important to take care of their physical as well as mental health.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic Katalemwa had registered 3 fatalities from disability underlying conditions however from the recent home-based care visits conducted, we have registered an increment in fatalities because these children lacked rehabilitation services and essential drugs like anti-epileptic drugs due to the recent lock down situation that the country was in.

As the family income levels have been shrinking due to the prolonged COVID-19 lock down, children with disabilities that require nutritional support have felt the pinch. Some families have one meal in a day therefore these children with disabilities suffer from nutritional deficiencies and this has greatly affected their healing process.

Social distancing for most of the children with disabilities is a myth as they require closer care like feeding, toileting, cleaning, hence are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 from their caretakers. We recommend that caregivers take extra precautions while dealing with them like wearing Masks/face shields, gloves and avoid contact with persons outside the family.

Katalemwa Cheshire home is committed to provide assistance to children with disabilities in the community and at the Centre through provision of some personal protective gear, relief items to families that have been hit hard with the Pandemic and psychosocial support from all our platforms.

We argue parents to identify nearby Health centers/hospital in their communities where they can access drugs for their children and therapies as well as keep in constant contact with their KCH therapist to provide necessary support and guidance.

KCH encourages parents/caregivers to continue providing psychosocial support to children with disabilities and therapeutic treatment like exercises/stretches because their children may develop irreversible deformities.

With joint efforts, we shall fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Donate to Build a day care center for children with disabilties in Masaka district

Katalemwa is running an online fundraising campaign to build a day care centre for shlren with disabilities in Masaka District. You can donate by clicking this link below: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/build-2-daycare-centers-4-children-with-disability/

H.E, the Ambassdor of Italy to Uganda visiting Katalemwa Cheshire home

Katalemwa Cheshire  home was privileged to host the Ambassador of Italy to Uganda. H.E MASSIMILIANO MAZZANTI at our premises ahead of the Italian Cultural events that are intended to fundraise for the children with disabilities that are undergoing intensive rehabilitation at the centre and also future collaborations.

National Inclusive Education Dialogue

Katalemwa Cheshire Home supported and participated at the National Inclusive Education Dialogue that was held on the 23rd June 2019, It brought together different stakeholders from the disability fraternity, government officials, academia, Education and Health officials. The Launch of the Resource guide to learning needs for children with disabilities was officiated over by the State Minister for education and sport, Hon Bakkabulindi Charles

P.O BOX 16548,
1. Katalemwa Cheshire home intends to sell off two (2) vehicles which are to be sold on an “as is, where is” basis and invites sealed bids from eligible for the purchase of these vehicles.
2. The vehicles to be disposed off include;
3. Nissan hard body double cabin pick up Reg No: UAR 302M (Lot 1)
4. Toyota Hilux single cabin pick up Reg No UAG 981C
5. Interested bidders may inspect the vehicles at Katalemwa Cheshire home from Monday 16th September 2019 to Friday 27th September 2019 from 9:00am to 5:00 pm on working days
6. The bidding documents(s) shall be inspected at home’s procurement and disposal unit Katalemwa Cheshire Home and issued at a non-refundable fee of UGX 50,000 payable to Finance office upon which receipt will be issued
7. The deadline for bids submission shall be at 11:00 am on 1st October 2019
Support 100 children with disabilites to Access Assistive devices

Katalemwa Cheshire Home Uganda

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