A society where all children and young persons with disabilities realize their full potential and live productive lives


Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services is a disability focused NGO that provides holistic rehabilitation services to children and young persons with disabilities. We provide quality medical care, social economic support and fabricate orthopedic appliances. We do this through centre and community based rehabilitation, rights based programming and working with families, communities, civil society, development partners and government.


Contribute to the full realisation of rights of Girls, boys and young people living with disability through promoting equitable access to comprehensive rehabilitative services by 2022.

Katalemwa Cheshire Home

A disability focused NGO that provides holistic rehabilitation services

Katalemwa Cheshire Home was founded in Uganda in 1970 and officially opened in 1971, with the aim of providing a family home environment to people who were incurably sick or with physical disabilities. This was significant, as at the time, institutional rehabilitation was the only option for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, Katalemwa suffered considerable setback during Idi Amin’s regime and outside support was very limited. However, the Leonard Cheshire Foundation in the UK continued to send messages of hope and support


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