Case story for Najibu Senkindu

Najibu Senkindu is 8years now and was identified at the age of 6 years through a community outreach clinic conducted at Kibaale health center Rakai District.

He presented with a burn contracture on his right leg that he sustained when a saucepan with boiling beans poured on him.During his recovery, the leg contracted with a scar that affected his movement.


Case story for 25 years old Katabira Joseph

25 years old Katabira joseph was diagnosed with spina bifida and operated upon immediately after birth in 1992 at Mulago referral hospital. After operation, his parents were happy thinking the condition had been wiped away but on their surprise later; it was a journey started of rehabilitation. Joseph faced many challenges including mobility, urine and stool incontinences growing up.The parents sought for medical attention from different hospitals but it was all in vain. 


Case story for  Nakisozi Joyce, a22 years old beneficiary.

She was abandoned by her husband after giving birth to a child with cerebral palsy called Nakowoya Hannifah aged 5 years now.Life became a nightmare full of worries to meet the high cost of rehabilitation for this child single-handedly without any form of employment.

Katalemwa intervened in this situation and this child was enrolled on our programmes where she was able to access medica; rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and assistive devicesm).


Case story of Ainembabzi Resty is a 7-year-old girl from Masaka, she was identified by one of our partners operating in her village. She had bilateral amputation due to gangrene that affected her for the last six years. This condition affected her movement and socialization in society.

While at katalemwa, she was measured on and fabricated for artificial Limbs to aid her mobility. During this process, she underwent psychosocial support sessions to assist her accept usage of these new devices. And upon completion of her appliances, the orthopaedic technologist fitted these appliances to ensure good comfort for Resty’s stamps and she was also trained in proper usage of these limbs. Resty is back to the community very happy and excited about this support. She is able to walk to school independently and participate actively in social activities in her village.

physical disability Development forum

Kayiwa Sam 

Kayiwa Sam is 9year old boy who has spinal cord injury and lives with his grandmother in Nagojje village Mukono district. The councilor for Persons with disability identified him in 2018 and contacted Youth with physical disability Development forum (the PO) to support the grandmother and the child.

Sam was found at home in a jolly mood and he welcomed and talked to us. He was brought to his grandmother by his mother when he was 5years old and has never again seen his mother, Sam says he doesn’t know where she went but one day she may come back. He expressed to us how he misses school and his friends who include teachers. He supports his grandmother with household chores and helps in the garden as well. 

Sam uses a wheelchair that was given by the PO and he attends a nearby school where he is in primary one. He reports the school treats him well and they allow him to go home clean himself when he feels his soiled on himself and come back to class. He reports his first days after enrolment were not easy for him as he felt different from other pupils because of his wheelchair and the shame of knowing his incontinence. However after a few days other children started to push him around school and they could come for him in the morning to go with him to school and go back home in the afternoon. He said aunt Gorret (PO staff) has visited him often and talked to his teachers and grandmother about his condition.

Grandmother has had problems as she has been living in a rented house. However a Good Samaritan has given relief to her and her grandson through giving a free temporary house therefore she doesn’t have to worry about rent. She sells mats in the local market and fire wood at the verandah of the house. Sam’s grandmother said Sam is a good boy who listens and take initiative even in his condition he tries to be helpful at home and is very social in the community. She say before the PO came to support her, she was carrying him on the back everywhere she went and she did not know his condition. This came with a lot of back and chest pain that affected her ability to perform other activities and another mouth to feed and look after.

The PO has supported Sam with a heavy duty wheelchair through working with a local organization Cyrus community and given her grandmother and Sam information about his condition and how to manage him. He was enrolled in school and grandmother provides him with books as the PO provides school fees.

Sam has a challenge with bowel management as he still requires pampers to keep dry at school. They are very expensive and often when he soils himself at school the bad smell creates lots of problems as friends do not want to come near him. However the school allows him to go home anytime he feels like he wants to help himself as his home is close to his school. This was after the PO talked to the school to allow this flexibility.

The SPO has advised the PO to support train the grandmother on bowel washout to help management the bowel problem.

Tales of Mothers

By December 2020 the group had saved 800,000/= (Eight hundred thousand shillings only) from their profits and group members are borrowing from this saving to invest in the personal businesses. One caregiver in particular borrowed from the group and is able to go to a nearby village buy vegetables and sale at a profit. In this time the staff of AVSI have informed us that they have observed positive changes in the health status of children and hygiene at their homes. The parents informed us that they feel more valued by their community members as they do not borrow like they used and are able to meet some of the basic needs of the children like buying soap and food. The group members expressed to us the challenge of baking at a family member’s place who is renting. This fear the landlord will start asking for rent as he will assume they are making a lot of money. AVSI is now working to link the group to with other stronger savings groups for continued learning and growth.