Disability Inclusive Socio-Economic Empowerment Project (VSLA)

Through the promotion of Inclusive savings and loan groups in community Based rehabilitation. KCH aims to support women and men with a disability gain a means of livelihood from which to build economic empowerment through promoting a convenient means to save their money, access small loans and obtain emergency insurance. Towards 2018, KCH with with support from CBM UK as a new donor, started implementing a Village Saving and Loan Scheme (VSLA) in Rakai and Kyotera (Greater Masaka) and is working with people with disabilities (both youth and adults) as well as the parents and caregivers of the children with disabilities. KCH hopes to facilitate the formation of 30 VSLA groups by the end of three years.

We are excited to inform you that one year ended with 13 groups started in three sub-counties, Kyotera district with 12 million savings on their account. These groups have weekly meetings, they are steadily growing in savings, members can obtain small loans and empowered to manage and start small enterprises.

Many thanks go to our hardworking team in Kyotera district and our donors CBM-UK.  Bravo…………………..