Inclusive infrastructure development in schools

Katalemwa Cheshire Home together with its partners is implementing an advocacy initiative that is geared towards promoting the implementation of the Inclusive Education policy most especially on accessibility in schools. We are targeting three districts namely; Wakiso, Masaka and Kampala districts.

We presume that after 3 years District Education Officers from our target districts would have taken the responsibility to reinforce the inclusive infrastructure development in schools

This initiative is supported by the Liliane fonds Netherlands and we conducted a rapid assessment in 50 schools from three district to identify inclusive infrastructural gaps most especially with toilets, classrooms and dinning area. Our findings indicated alot of gaps with  the infrastructure in schools which calls for action!!!!

A consultative meeting was done with stakeholders to ascertain the situation in schools and deliberate on measures that can be used to advocate for such installations to be made.

More activities are underway and will be published on our social media sites, website and in the mainstream media.

Include me, its the time!!!!