Child Empowerment – (Educational support)

Learning sessions in the catch up class, KCH

KCH recognizes that education is vital to transformation of any community and that quality education is every child’s right. Inclusive education creates a platform for the needs of children with disabilities to be identified and addressed.

KCH supports children with disabilities to access inclusive education through a catch up class targeting children undergoing intensive rehabilitation at center and allows these beneficiaries to keep up to date with their studies while undergoing rehabilitation.

KCH also supports CWD’s education through the Early Learning Centre, here children with mental disabilities are cared for in a stimulating environment. They learn life skills such as feeding, toileting and playing to allow them to live more independent and fulfilled lives.

Katalemwa supports underprivileged children with disabilities with school fees and scholastic materials with help from Lilliane foundation to attend in mainstream and special needs schools.

We have awareness rising campaigns that are spear-headed by children with disabilities in schools and communities. These CWDs regularly conduct campaigns aimed at creating awareness about child hood disability and Children’s rights to reduce stigma and negative attitudes towards disability among societies.