KCH recognises livelihood and socioeconomic development as key components of long-term rehabilitation. KCH’s economic empowerment programs exist to improve the socioeconomic status of CWDs and their families through skills including entrepreneurship and vocational training. Skills include: – Poultry and piggery farming – Mushroom growing – Bead and craft making – Tailoring – Baking – Gardening

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Community Outreach

KCH regularly sends health workers to rural areas to perform community outreach clinics. Community outreaches enable KCH to implement and promote more inclusive systems of health and rehabilitative care. Through these outreaches, children in the community benefit from assessment and screening, on-the-spot rehabilitative care, measurement and fitting for assistive devices. As a means of ensuring

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At KCH we are working towards self-sustainability to ensure that we can continue to provide these important services to CWDs with less reliance on minimal external funding. Our income generating activities are as follows; Katalemwa has farm that consists of poultry, cows and pigs which produce eggs, milk and pork to meet the nutritional needs

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