Assistive devices

At KCH, our talented and passionate orthopaedic workshop staff use innovative technology to design, fabricate and fit tailor-made appliances and aids. Both locally available and other materials are used in the production of appliances. These appliances include:

– Orthoses (splints/braces)
– Prostheses
– Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and tricycles
– Walking frames
– Calipers
– Crutches
– Orthopedic shoes/polio boots
– Special seating/standing aids

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We also produces other therapeutic equipment such as parallel bars, therapy mirrors and mats.

The appliances are produced with consideration to the envionments in which they will be used. Appliances are kept cost-effective so that they can remain affordable to all who have a need. The workshop staff perform fittings and take time to train clients in the best use of the appliances, to ensure that they will continue to be effective once the client leaves KCH.

The KCH workshop also produces appliances for adults.